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Collection Two

After debating whether or not to for several months, I’ve released another collection of sketches, experiments, ideas, etc. from the past year.  Click the cover-art below to listen and download for free (or you can pay if you’d like).

It’s really not much, mostly lo-fi instrumentals. All tracks were recorded on-the-spot in one take, although several of them have been edited to only the better bits. The only tracks that weren’t 100% improvised are “CigSmk” and “Troubling.” Some of the tracks I don’t like, and some of them I really enjoy, so I know I’ll revisit and elaborate upon a few of those at a later time.

I’ve got a lot more music coming, and it’ll be much more focused, along with better production. In the meantime, I leave you with this:




I’ve detoured the detour back over to my personal blog, so now you will come here, yes?  I uploaded some new tracks to Soundcloud not long ago. Most of them aren’t precisely what’s to come, but mere experiments and sketches as I hone in on exactly it is I want to be creating.  Also, all my official releases on Bandcamp will be free or pay-what-you-want until further notice.

My first release finally showed up on Pandora, so you can create an Anaximander station there. Beware though… Right now they’re playing my stuff along with some pretty terrible music in my humble opinion.  Once (If) I submit some newer work to them, perhaps that will change, but for now you can help me by creating an Anaximander station and giving all my tracks a nice thumbs up, while giving all the bad stuff the opposite. Use your best judgement.

I’m currently recording Anaximander & The Sea, writing my next batch of songs, and preparing to begin performing in and around Austin on a regular basis.

No, I really mean it this time. Honest!


Most posts will now be on my personal blog, the appropriately titled, “Phillip Foshée’s Creative Career Blog.”  If anything, all I’m going to post here are major announcements related to Anaximander(my solo-project)-stuff.

Car is Pas’t – A new digital EP for your enjoyment.

Inspiration can come quite suddenly and from circumstances one wouldn’t expect to bring creative energy.

I made some new music, and I’m very pleased with it. I hope you will be too.

There’s a lot more in the works.

Car is Pas't cover art


I must admit, I never expected it to take quite this long for my stuff to show up on Pandora. It is a bit disappointing.

I’m writing a lot. I promise there are things happening. It’s really true, I swear. Soon, my darlings.

New(ish) Tracks

I just uploaded two new tracks to soundcloud. Aouse is a live (at home) recording of a sketch of a song… or maybe it’s a finished song… I don’t know.  The other one is the score I did for an animation by this guy. Looks like we’ll be working together on a few more shorts and a much larger project to be announced soon. I’m finally recording, rather than simply sketching.

Bonne nuit.


‘s happening.


I am honored to announce that Collection One has been accepted for addition to the Music Genome Project and rotation on Pandora. It’ll take a few weeks, but I’ll be sure to signal once I’m in the system.

Interesting Things

Having found both of these items particularly interesting, I thought I’d share them with you.



I’m living in Geneva now.

More soon.

Show in Houston, More Tracks To Enjoy

I’m going to be performing Thursday, March 31 at Khon’s Bar here in Houston.  I’ll play a long set with tracks from Collection One and my upcoming release, planned for later this year.  Also, if you head over to my profile on SoundCloud, you can listen to my debut release in its entirety, as well as download three of the tracks (look for the little down-arrows).