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Debut Release, More To Come

I’m very happy to announce that my first release, Collection One: Somewhat Overlain Sketches, is now available on iTunes and Amazon MP3. (It’s cheaper on Amazon, and I get about the same amount of money for it.)  It will be available in most of the other online stores in the coming weeks as well.

The collection is composed of selected tracks from all my recorded experimenting and improvising in the past year.  These were edited down to concise compositions, and vocals were added to five of them. I used a computer as little as possible in the production of these recordings, as the experiments were centered around live, real-time performance with real gear and instruments.  This is how my live shows will be, accompanied by projection of my various video projects and experiments. I am in the process of getting some shows booked in the Houston area, so stay tuned for that announcement, a video and some new mp3 downloads very soon.